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Real Nappies Incentive Scheme - Terms and Conditions

1. Under the Real Nappies Incentive Scheme, Powys County Council offers cashback (by BACS payment only) against the purchase of reusable nappies and reusable nappy accessories. Reusable nappy accessories cannot be the sole purchase claimed for. Part, or wholly refundable 'trial' or 'try-before-you-buy' type products are not eligible for the scheme. Postage and packaging costs are not eligible for reimbursement.

2. The minimum purchase value that can be claimed is £50. The maximum is £100. Powys County Council will determine the amount payable upon review of the application.

3. Applications will only be accepted from eligible (see section 4) residents of Powys. Powys County Council reserves the right to request evidence of Powys residency if it is not clear from the supporting documents provided as part of the application, and may refuse payment if evidence is not provided, when requested.

4. A maximum of one application per household will be accepted, from a parent or legal guardian named on the birth certificate or MAT B1, unless otherwise agreed.

5. Applications will be accepted for children up to the age of 18 months only, unless otherwise agreed.

6. The following supporting documents must be provided with the application (only copies must be provided, original documents cannot be returned to the applicant):

  • A.    Birth Certificate, or, completed MAT B1 form (see section 6.1).
  • B.    Proof of purchase (see sections 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4) for reusable nappies, and reusable nappy accessories, if applicable.

6.1    The Birth Certificate or MAT B1 provided must be legible and contain no alterations.

6.2    Proof of purchase can include receipts, invoices or online order confirmations from verifiable high street or online retailers, but must clearly show that reusable nappies (and reusable nappy accessories, if applicable) have been purchased, and that payment has successfully been made. Handwritten/typed documents will not be accepted.

6.3    Proof of purchase must clearly include the date of purchase, which must not be more than 6 months prior to the date that Powys County Council receives the application.

6.4    Second hand reusable nappies and accessories are eligible for the scheme, but proof of purchase conforming to sections 6.2 and 6.3 must still be provided. This can include, for example, eBay purchase confirmations with a linked PayPal payment receipt, so long as they are fully itemised.

7.        Powys County Council reserves the right to refuse payment if it is felt that any of the conditions above have not been satisfied.

8.        Powys County Council cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any application and/or supporting documents howsoever caused.

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