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Dealing with emergencies - Sandbags

At times of emergency, Powys County Council will do all we practically can to assist those threatened by flood water, but priority is given to those less able to help themselves and to those who reasonably could not have expected to be under threat.

Powys County Council depots hold a limited number of filled sandbags. These are available to assist the public, as above, and to protect key infrastructure, such as electricity substations, water treatment works etc, the loss of which to flooding would impact on the recovery of the wider community.

The underlying principle set out in The National Strategy For Flood And Coastal Erosion Risk Management In Wales published by Welsh Government (para. 206) is that "it remains the responsibility of the homeowner or business to take action to protect their property and belongings during a flood". Those in a flood zone or those who have previously suffered flooding, and who are able to do so, should make their own provision for protecting their property. Sandbags and other bespoke products are commercially available. An independent compendium of products and services can be found at

On health and safety grounds, Powys County Council depots are not open to the public. In severe weather crews are deployed to tasks away from the depots and gates are locked. At times Powys County Council may instead deposit sandbags at key locations for collection by residents. Any such supply will be announced locally.

Powys County Council will not normally assist in clearing sandbags away post flooding. Once again consideration will be given to assisting those less able to help themselves.

Further advice on protecting property can be found at

To check flood warnings, to sign up to receive flood warnings, or for further information please visit

For assistance in preparing a flood plan please contact:

To report flooding or for more information please refer to the council website: Floods

Powys County Council contact centre telephone lines are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am to 4:30pm Friday. The numbers are:

General Enquiries 01597 827460 or 0345 6027030.

For Highways issues dial 01597 827465 or 0345 6027035.

Outside these times (emergencies only) contact us on 01597 825275 or 0845 0544847

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