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Empty Properties

We want to see as many empty homes as possible within Powys returned to use. Therefore we have developed various financial packages as an incentive to bring empty units back up to standard.


Image of before and after a derelict property has been restored Image of the inside of a house before and after it has been restored Image of the gable end of a house before and after it has been restored

Houses that stand empty can cause nuisance and damage to neighbouring houses. They are also a waste because they could be used as homes. We can advise owners of empty properties to help them bring the house back into use.

If the owner refuses to bring the house into use or fails to repair it, the Council can:

  • Serve a notice on the owner to carry out repairs, and carry out the works itself if the owner fails to do so
  • In exceptional circumstances, force the sale of the house to repay certain debts owed to the council.

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