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After subscribing to this years' service, please remember to check your collection day - it may have changed from last year - Bin collection day

Subscriptions for the 2021 garden waste recycling collection service are now open

Subscribe now to make the most of the benefits that come with the easy, clean and simple garden waste recycling collection service. We have 240ltr or 120ltr wheeled bins available, or compostable garden waste sacks for those who have their rubbish collected in purple bags.

Please note: If you had a collection service last year, but you've moved house since the end of the last season and took your garden waste container(s) with you to the new property, please let us know using the 'Tell us you've moved or are moving house' link below before you subscribe here. If you left your container(s) at the old house, please continue to subscribe here using the new address.

Request Garden Waste Collections Request Garden Waste Collections

If you want to cancel your service, whether that's only in part by reducing the number of container(s) you have but keeping some, or cancelling the service entirely, you can do so here.

Cancel Subscription Garden Waste - Cancel Subscription

If you've moved house already, or will be moving shortly, and have or will be taking your garden waste container(s) with you, please let us know here so that we can update our records accordingly, as well as issue a new sticker(s) with the collection dates for your new house. Usually you would have already taken, or will be taking, the bin to the new house yourself, but if you need us to do this for you, please contact us at instead of using this form.

Tell us you've moved or are moving house Garden Waste - Moving House

easy and fuss free fortnightly collections at your house

a clean and tidy way to manage your garden waste

a simple way to help the environment

Annual subscriptions for collections from a 240l bin will be £37 whilst collections from a 120l bin will be £32

Every subscriber will receive a sticker in the post to put on each bin to help indicate who has paid for collections during 2021.

Collections will be every two weeks from your normal recycling collection point

Containers should be presented for collection by 7:30am

The first collection starts on the 1 March 2021 and will come to an end on the 3 December 2021, find your collection dates by visiting the bin collection day page.

The bin lid must be completely closed, no side waste will be collected, i.e. no extra waste next to the bin or placed on the lid.

So our lorry can lift the bin please don't put more than 45kg in the smaller 120ltr bin or 90kg in the bigger 240ltr bin.

Garden Waste collection service - Terms and Conditions

Yes Please                                                          


Grass cuttings                                                   


Branches and twigs                                                        

Woodchip and bark                                                        


No Thanks                                                          

Kitchen waste                                                   

General waste                                                  

Soil and rubble                                                 


Invasive species




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