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Garden Waste Collections

Coronavirus (COVD-19)

Follow this link for specific Coronavirus related advice and support for waste and recycling

Subscriptions for the 2022 kerbside garden waste season are now open.

Subscribe now to make the most of the benefits that come with the easy, clean and simple garden waste recycling collection service. We have 240 litre or 120 litre wheeled bins available, or compostable garden waste sacks for those who have their rubbish collected in purple bags.

Request Garden Waste Collections Request Garden Waste Collections

Existing customers, if you were subscribed in 2021 and you moved house before we re-opened subscriptions in February, please read the Moving House section further down the page and follow the instructions relevant to you before re-subscribing.

easy and fuss free fortnightly collections at your house

a clean and tidy way to manage your garden waste

a simple way to help the environment

Collections are every two weeks throughout the season, typically covering March through November.

We offer 45 litre compostable paper sacks, or 120 litre and 240 litre bins to store your waste until collection day.

Assisted collections are available for eligible residents, and will be automatic if you already have them for recycling or residual waste collections.


Yes Please                                                          

  • Leaves
  • Grass cuttings
  • Flowers
  • Branches and twigs
  • Woodchip and bark


No Thanks  

  • Kitchen waste - use your green kerbside food caddy                                          
  • General waste - use your wheeled bin or purple sacks
  • Pet/Animal waste or bedding - use your wheeled bin or purple sacks
  • Soil and rubble - take to your nearest recycling centre.
  • Logs - please take to your nearest recycling centre
  • Invasive species - please refer to the latest government guidance on invasive species to help protect our natural environment                                                   

The lists above are not exhaustive, and the Council retains complete discretion over all accepted or non-accepted material types.

How the service works

Collection Season

The collection season typically covers March through November.

Depending on how the weeks fall within the months, it may start slightly earlier at the end of February, and may end slightly later at the beginning of December.

The 2022 season runs between 28th February and 2nd December.

Possible Collections

Every Powys household is allocated 20 possible fortnightly collections during the season.

The exact dates of the possible collections for a property depend on which day in the two week collection cycle it has been allocated.

For example, in the 2022 season, if the first possible collection for a property is Monday 28th February, the last possible collection would be on Monday 21st November; but if the first possible collection is on Friday 11th March, the last collection would be on Friday 2nd December.

We'll always let you know the exact collection dates you will have (subject to any possible changes outlined in the Terms and Conditions) when you subscribe - in the confirmation email and on the sticker for your bin - and you can check our bin collection day finder any time (during the collection season).


The charge for the service is a fixed cost per container, for the remaining collections in the current season only.

  • 240 litre wheeled bin - £39
  • 120 litre wheeled bin - £34
  • 45 litre compostable paper sacks (pack of 50) - £34

Subscriptions made part way through the season do not roll over to the next.  You will still only be entitled to the remainder of the scheduled collections in the current season only for that charge.

As there are a maximum of 20 fortnightly collections possible per property during the garden waste collection season, to ensure you get access to all 20 collections in a given season, you will need to have subscribed as early as possible when subscriptions open before the start of the collection season.


Terms and Conditions

For full service details, please read the full terms and conditions for more details. Please note these are the terms relevant to the 2021 season, and may be updated for the 2022 season. Any changes that do occur will be available on the same page as soon as subscriptions for the 2022 season open, so you can check the latest ones then.

Garden waste collection service - terms and conditions

Moving House

If you were subscribed in 2021, and have moved or will be moving house within Powys before we re-opened subscriptions in February, and wish to continue your subscriptions next season at your new house; then please take your container(s) with you to your new house, and complete the tell us you've moved or are moving house form before you re-subscribe to ensure our records are up-to-date ready for when you re-subscribe.

Then, if you need to change the number, size or type of container(s) you have for this season, you can do this when you re-subscribe.

However, if you do not have the space to accommodate all of the containers you currently have at your new house, then leave the ones you don't need at your old house. Then, instead of filling out the form, email instead. Tell us your old and new addresses in full, which container(s) you left behind, and we'll amend our records for you.

If you will not want a subscription at your new house at all, or you are moving outside of Powys and no longer eligible for collections, please just leave the container(s) at your old house and complete the cancel subscription form before February. If you don't complete the form, we will end up emailing you unnecessarily about the new season in February.


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