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Latest updates and information on coronavirus from Powys County Council.
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Former council building demolished ready for housing development

A former council building has been demolished ready for a future housing development to be built, Powys County Council has said

97 per cent of households respond to Census 2021

The response to Census 2021 has exceeded all expectations, with 97 per cent of households across England and Wales making sure they count when it comes to local services like school places, GP surgeries and hospital beds.

Powys campaign to drink more water

A campaign to encourage people in Powys to drink more water is being launched by public sector organisations, unions, public figures and sports people.

Paw prints lead Powys dog owners to the bin...

Eye-catching paw prints are popping up around the county, leading the way to the nearest bin, as a reminder for owners to clean up after their dogs when out on a walk.
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