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Public Protection - Compliance and Enforcement Policy

10. Comments and Complaints

10.1  Powys County Council is committed to dealing effectively with any concerns or complaints you may have about our services. We aim to clarify any issues you may be unsure about. If possible, we will put right any mistakes we may have made. We will provide any service you are entitled to which we have failed to deliver. If we did something wrong, we will apologise and, where possible, try to put things right for you. We aim to learn from our mistakes and use the information we gain from complaints to improve our services.

10.2  Sometimes, you might be concerned about matters that are not covered by this policy e.g. when a legal framework applies, and we will then advise you about how to make your concerns known.

10.3  Sometimes your concern or complaint will not be dealt with via the Corporate Complaints Policy, examples include:

  • An appeal against a `properly made' decision made by the council,
  • A means to seek to change to legislation or `properly made' policy decision,
  • Decisions in respect of which there is a separate right of appeal or review, e.g. via a Magistrates court.

10.4  You can express your concern in any of the following ways:

  • Ask for your complaint to be logged by the person with whom you are already in contact.
  • Get in touch with our Corporate Complaints Team on 01597 827472 if you want to make your complaint over the phone, or use the form on our website  Comments, Compliments and Complaints - Powys County Council
  • Write to us at the address given in the introduction to this policy.