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Renting Home (Wales) Act 2016 - Questions and Answers

What is an Occupation Contract?

An Occupation Contract used to be called a tenancy agreement.

Your Occupation Contract will be a Secure contract, which gives you greater security and certainty. However, if you are a homeless applicant in temporary accommodation, your occupation contract will be a standard contract. 

The landlord will give you your Occupation Contract. 

The Contract will explain what you can and can't do, and what the landlord can and can't do. 

The Contract will include: 

  • Names of who is renting and the address of the property being rented. 
  • Rights and responsibilities, for example, who is responsible for fixing things in your home. 
  • Day to day matters, for example, telling the landlord if no-one is going to be at home for 4 weeks or more. 
  • Other information, for example, if you are allowed to keep pets or not. 
  • The Contract could be printed out and posted to you or emailed to you, depending on what you prefer. 
  • You should sign the contract if you are happy with everything it says.