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Renting Home (Wales) Act 2016 - Questions and Answers

Will there be any other changes?

Yes, there are some important changes such as:

Making the home fit to live in

This means that Powys County Council must make sure your home is fit to live in by:

  • Fitting smoke alarms
  • Fitting carbon monoxide detectors
  • Making sure your electricity is safe

If the Court decides that your home is not fit to live in, you do not have to pay rent during that time.

Notice to leave

Powys County Council must give you notice if we want you to leave. 

The notice is a written form that tells you what you should do, and by when. 

You cannot be asked to leave if you have complained that your home is in a poor state of repair. 

Joint Contract Holders

You can ask to add someone to your contract who you want to live with.

You don't have to start a new contract to do this.

Passing your home onto someone else

You can pass your home onto other people, to continue living in.   

Your home may now be passed on two times - dependent on circumstances.