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A guide to Damp and Condensation

The difference between damp and condensation

Damp occurs when a fault in the building's basic structure lets in water from outside.
Penetrating damp

There are two types of damp, penetrating damp and rising damp.

Penetrating damp occurs when water is coming in through the walls or roof, (for example, under a loose roof tile, leaking pipes or waste overflow) or through cracks.

Rising damp
Rising damp is rare but if this occurs there is a problem with the damp proof course. This is a barrier built into floors and walls to stop moisture rising through the house from the ground. The usual evidence of rising damp is a 'tide mark' on the walls that shows how high it has risen. There is also a musty smell.

If your home suffers from any of these damp problems, please contact the housing repairs team.