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Notice: Did you know you can borrow a Litter Picking Kit from us and help us keep Powys clean
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Premises - Change a licence

Did you know: If you're only making make small changes to the situation described in the licence, you can apply for a minor variation.


Names and addresses

Notify us of a change of name or address

Change a designated premises supervisor

Disapply a Designated Premises Supervisor

Remove a designated premises supervisor


Premises licence

Pay your annual fee

Apply to vary your premises licence

Apply to transfer your premises licence


Consents and notices

Tell us about a change to your existing interim authority notice

Tell us about a change to your existing consent to transfer

Tell us about a change to your existing consent to be designated


You can also get application forms from us using the contact details on this page. Please complete the form and return it with the fee to the area licensing office.

You will be charged a fee for some of these changes.

Licence fees and charges




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