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Minor premises / club licence changes

Variation licences

Premises licence and club premises certificate holders can apply for 'minor variations' to their licences, such as making small changes to the layout of the premises or adding some activities to a licence. Minor variations are treated differently to normal variations.

Minor Variations

You can apply for a minor variation when you are making small changes to the situation described in the licence, such as changing the layout of the premises or adding some activities to a licence.

You will also need to display a notice at the premises. We will only grant an application if we are sure that the changes meet our licensing objectives.

Other variations

The minor variations process may not be used to:

  • extend the time period of the licence
  • make large changes to the premises
  • change the designated premises supervisor
  • add the sale or supply of alcohol
  • increase the amount of time that alcohol may be sold or supplied on any day

To make these changes, you'll need to apply using the appropriate form for club or premises licences. 

Application Form

Tell us about a change online using the link below (takes you to another government website).

Tell us about a change to your premises

You can also get a form from us using the contact details on this page. Please complete the form and return it with the fee to the area licensing office.

You will be charged a fee for this change.

Guidance Notes

Minor variation [173KB]

Full variation [248KB]

Vary DPS [183KB]

After you apply

10 working days are set aside from the day after we receive the application for people to submit representations. We must wait until this period is over before deciding whether to grant or refuse the application. We must make our decision within another 15 working days after receiving your application.

If we fail to respond to you within 15 working days, the application will be treated as refused and we will return the fee to you. However if you agree, we may instead treat the undetermined application as a new application using the original fee.

Display notice

When you apply for a minor variation, you'll need to display a notice where it can be read from outside the premises for at least 10 working days after the day you hand your application in to us.

If the premises are larger than 50 square metres, copies of the notice must be displayed every 50 metres along the outside of the premises.

The notice displayed at the premises must:

  • be A4 size or larger
  • be on white paper
  • be easy to read and written or typed in black ink
  • have a heading with a font in size 32 or larger
  • have wording in the rest of the notice with a font in size 16 or larger.





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