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Equalities and fairness at the council

This year, for the first time, we have incorporated our Strategic Equality Objectives into Vision 2025: Powys County Council's Corporate Improvement Plan.

In previous years, our equality objectives have been published separately in our Strategic Equality Plan. By bringing our plans together, we want to ensure that our equality objectives become integral to delivering the outcomes of Vision 2025.

As a council, we are committed to promoting equality and diversity and improving our services and employment practices to meet the different needs of our residents and employees.  In doing so, we aim to contribute towards improving outcomes for those who experience disadvantage in life.

During 2019-20 we engaged with residents and reviewed the challenges both locally and nationally, to check whether our current objectives are still relevant or whether we need to focus on new priorities for the next four years.  After reviewing the current issues, we have decided to focus on the following, six new equality objectives:-

  • By 2024 we will enable people with a disability to have improved opportunities for valued occupation including paid employment.
  • By 2024 we will create equality of opportunity for all our staff and take action to close the pay gap. 
  • By 2024, we will improve the availability of accessible homes, adaptable homes and life-time homes, that provide suitable and sustainable accommodation for future generations
  • By 2024, we help people to get the support they need to prevent homelessness
  • By 2024, we will improve opportunities and outcomes for children living in poverty.
  • By 2024, we will improve opportunities for our residents and communities to become more digitally inclusive.  This will enable them to easily access the services they need and participate fully in everyday life. 

You can access the plan and its equality objectives by clicking here.


If you'd like this document in large print, braille, easy read or in an audio format, please contact us using the contact details on this page.


Annual Monitoring Report

We publish an annual report each year showing progress across all of our equalities work and our employment information.

SEP Annual Monitoring 2019-20

SEP Annual Monitoring 2018-19

SEP Annual Monitoring 2017-18

SEP Annual Monitoring 2016-17

SEP Annual Monitoring 2015-16 

SEP Annual Monitoring 2014-2015 [758KB]

SEP Annual Monitoring 2013-2014 [1MB]

SEP Annual Monitoring 2012-13 [260KB]


 Previous Plans

Strategic Equality Plan 2019-2020 Update [511KB]

Strategic Equality Plan 2018-2020 Update [1001KB]

Strategic Equality Plan 2017-2020 Update [1MB]

Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020 [897KB]

Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020 Impact Assessment [708KB]

Strategic Equality Plan 12-16 [1MB]



Impact Assessment

In 2016 with the enactment of the Well Being and Future Generation Act we further integrated the requirements for impact assessments and created a pragmatic toolkit.  The toolkit has incorporated the following legislative requirements: 

  • Equalities,
  • Council Vision and Strategic Priorities,
  • Welsh Language,
  • Future Generations and Sustainable development,
  • Risk Management,
  • Safeguarding and
  • other core guiding principles. 

This toolkit will facilitate improved decision making, based on evidence, which considers the wider implications for the service, the council and communities of Powys. It will demonstrate that the council has shown due regard for the corporate, legislative and regulatory requirements placed upon it.


Mandatory Gender pay gap report


Gender Pay Gap Action plan 2019-20 [479KB]




If you have any complaint regarding any equality issue (ethnic background, race, gender, age, disability, religion / belief, sexual orientation or language) Please use our Complaint form but let us know that it is in relation to an equality issue.


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