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Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payments can help people living in Powys who need extra help with rent or other one off costs associated with rent or tenancy.

We can consider a variety of situations and the payments are designed to help people in exceptional circumstances and for short-term periods get through those difficult circumstances.

How to claim

1. Complete the online application form on this page.

2. Library staff will put you on a computer so that you can fill in the form online at any Library+ Point

Complete the Discretionary Housing Payment claim form online Complete the Discretionary Housing Payment claim form online

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If you have someone or an agency supporting you in Powys they also have forms available to them to complete.

Each case is assessed on its individual merits and we do need to ensure that any payment will help you to move towards a better situation, circumstance or outcome. We will therefore expect you to work with us or our partner support agencies to find better solutions to your situation.

Any Discretionary Housing Payment awarded towards rental payments will be paid along with your award of Housing Benefit either to you or direct to your Landlord. Any one off payments of support will generally be paid directly. eg removal costs to the removal company.



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